March 22, 2011

The Offensive Gospel

Preaching a message about how sinful we are or exposing the sin of people will never be easy but it is necessary. That means you will offend people by just simply sharing the gospel. If you think about it – who would want to listen to something that tells us that we are sinners, doomed to hell and we need Jesus in our lives.

But on the same breath- the offense of the gospel is what makes it so attractive. Imagine- we sinners are loved by God. He never fails to show His grace on us every single day. It shows us that even while we were still sinners Christ died and love us.

What usually is a point of disgust among other people when they hear the gospel is actually the turning point in my life. I can say that no one could ever love me more than Jesus loved me. If I enumerate my sin since time immemorial – it would have been a shame in the world’s standard to have someone love me but Christ did.