October 27, 2011

The Number One Enemy of the Gospel

The greatest threat to gospel advancement and gospel growth arises not from outside the church. It is not MTV, pornography, atheism, politics and other religions. The greatest threat comes from inside the church and Paul in his letter to the churches made it clear that the NUMBER ONE enemy of the gospel is LEGALISM or in Christian circles MORALISM.

Tullian Tchidvidjian in his book, “Jesus+Nothing = Everything” says that legalism happens when what we need to do, not what Jesus has already done becomes the end game.

We do good to gain God’s favor. We perform for God. We take PRIDE in our moralistic ways. The pursuit of life is to be good so that we might look good in front of others and God. Doing good has become a bad thing. It becomes our IDOL.

AW Pink once wrote, “The great mistake made by people is hoping to discover in themselves that which is to be found in Christ alone.”

The worst thing that could ever happen to you is that you become proud of your obedience. Our good works becomes our self comfort, the source of our self esteem and self approval.

“The gospel is good news for losers, not winners. It’s for those who long to be freed from slavery of believing that all of their significance, meaning, purpose, and security depend on their ability to become a better you.” – Tullian Tchividjian



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