take it to the next level

– with the current growth of the church, new people coming in every week, lost people getting saved, new leaders being developed, older leaders wanting to be developed – a leader is faced with the daunting task of rising up to the occasion.

– this means not accepting status quo, it means its not business as usual. It means more HARD WORK, more research, improvements in communication, building systems and structure, balancing family and work, and challenging yourself to take the leadership you have to the next level.

– one of the most neglected part of pastoring is LEADERSHIP. A lot of people who enter full time ministry thinks that if I could preach well then i’ll be okay. I’ll survive. If I could counsel people, I am ok. I will survive. If I could be a good administrator then I am ok, I will survive. BAD NEWS, its not about Survival. God has called us not to be in survival mode, He wants us to prosper.

– whether we like it or not, as church planters and pastors we are called not just to preach, pray and pastor but to LEAD.

– We always quote this “Everything rises and fall in leadership”. If this is the case then they are is a great need for the body of Christ to train the next generation of pastors and church planters to LEADERSHIP.

But what if you are in the FIELD ALREADY? How can you take your leadership to the next level?

1. READ BOOKS. I read one Leadership book a month to improve on my leadership skills. I also read one book about pastoring every month to help me in becoming a better shepherd.
I read also a book on how to become a better husband and father once a month.

2. TALK TO LEADERS. I treasure all the talks I have with Pastor Steve, Pastor Joey Bonifacio, my good friends Paolo Punzalan, LA Mumar, Nixon Ng, Robert Hern, Chinkee Tan. “Birds of the same feather flock together” – i try to fly with the eagles.

3. PRAY FOR LEADERSHIP ANOINTING. It is God who promotes and God who demotes you. Go straight to the source of true biblical leadership. Read the Bible and pray. Learn from the leaders of the Bible.

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