Books by Dennis Sy

SYNC: How to Know God’s Will for your Life

What if we stopped marching to the beat of the world’s drum and started listening to God’s heartbeat and moved in tune to it?

SYNC is a book on how you can discover God’s will for your life. This book is written to help answer people’s question on how they can know and live out God’s will for their life.

Reviews of the Book:

The “will of God” indeed is much more than about finding “something” but its all about finding God Himself and finding ourselves “in sync” with Him. I love how Pastor Dennis drives the big idea that knowing the will of God is not just about pursuing “the will” but its primarily about knowing and loving a person…its all about having a right and personal love relationship with the living God. And this happens when we acknowledge and understand God’s mercy and his great love toward us. That though our hearts are selfish, loving other things more than we love Him (because we are blinded by and innately ruled by sin), He still came for us, pursued us and keeps on wooing us to Himself. He rescued us by His grace and freed us to love and trust Him. It is when we have God as our ultimate love and pursuit, where we get to learn to value what He values and truly be in sync with Him. The result is that we get to learn and know exactly where to go and what to do in this life as we live it in sync with Him. This short e-book will show you the nature of God’s will, the reasons on why we have to know God’s will, the obstacles we have in syncing with God and the key to live in sync with God.

– Joash Paunil, campus worker

I came across this book and thought it would be a fun read. What I found was a profound and challenging call to actually live out GOD’S will for my life, not my own. Be careful if you choose to read this book; you may find your excuses for not giving up control called out. Also be aware that the content is obviously bathed in prayer – more than once I found thoughts or issues I had been considering answered right on the page!

– Jason Haas