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July 08, 2012

Sunday’s Coming

Written by Jun Gomez

Last Wednesday evening my wife Sally felt so dizzy and felt some numbness in her tongue. After an hour I decided to take her to the hospital and texted some people to pray for her. At the ER, they gave her something to get rid of her dizziness, checked her BP and sugar which went up a little, advised her to have an FBS and then released her but that night at home she still felt some chest pain.

The next day she still felt dizzy and can’t even stand for a long time. She slept almost the whole day and later in the afternoon she started to complain of  chest pains again. I didn’t work that day cause nobody will look after her cause the kids are all in school.

Friday morning she woke up feeling the same, I told her since she didn’t fast it was not possible for her to have FBS and Blood chem,  and that we’ll just go to the lab to have an ECG instead.

The result will be available at 3:30pm in the afternoon and since I wasn’t able to check on my work, I asked her if she could go with me inspect my projects then drop by the laboratory in the afternoon. A friend who’s also the owner of one of the houses I’m building took us for lunch and it it took us around 3pm to get out of the restaurant. We had to go back to the other project where I left my car. The owner of the house also came and so I got delayed. When I was almost done talking with the owner one of our pastors called me and said they’re on their way to our place to visit Sally and that was around 5pm already.

We had to pick up the kids from school at 5:30 so we decided to pick up the laboratory results on saturday morning instead since we cant take it to the doctor anymore and not keep our pastor waiting.

Saturday morning I drove up to the lab and saw the result. The remarks stated: Possible old inferior wall infarct. On the way home I looked it up on the internet and asked some people what it meant…

[ An infarct is short for infarction, which is a medical term for tissue that has lost its blood supply and is no longer viable. If this occurs in the brain, it is a cerebral infarction, or stroke. In the heart, it is a myocardial (heart muscle) infarction, or heart attack. With time, this area undergoes changes that eventually lead to a scar. An inferior wall infarct is a myocardial infarction involving the bottom of the left ventricle, usually caused by a blockage within the right coronary artery.]

So I got home at around 9am and as advised to take Sally immediately to the doctor to have the ECG result read, but since Sally is still feeling the chest pain,  I told her to get ready and prepare if doctor would ask her to be confined. The doctors were not available till the afternoon and so to be assured of her safety I decided to take her to Heart Center E.R. and just inform the doctor to meet us there.

On the way to the hospital I texted church mates to pray for her healing. The first thing the resident doctors did was to take another ECG test and a blood test to see if she is experiencing heart attack.

The results indicated that there was “no sign of heart attack” whatsoever. And the doctor assumed it was a false reading or an exaggeration of what they read in the first laboratory. So was it an error?

My conclusion, it’s the power of prayer and our POWERFUL LOVING FATHER who hears the prayer of His people is always willing and able to give what we ask according to His will. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for you died on the cross not only to forgive our sins and give us eternal life, It is also to heal us from every disease.

Isaiah 53:5But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities;the punishment that brought us peace was on him,and by his wounds we are healed.

It was really a different Saturday for me. Although Sally is still required to have more tests to know what’s causing her dizziness but I know and declare that… SUNDAY IS COMING!