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November 14, 2010

sunday rewind: Manny Pacquiao, women in church and generosity

– it was the usual Sunday for our church when Pacquiao has a fight. 3pm service was women’s fellowship. Gone are the men to celebrate with Manny Pacquiao.

– people came in droves for our 5pm service though. Goes to show you can’t serve both God and Manny. hehe

– got me thinking as I was preaching in our 3pm service how important men are. You want to win the war – you need to have men. Can’t imagine pastoring a church without men. Not being racist but God has given men the responsibility to lead. Church is different without the men.

– preached on the purpose of wealth and prosperity. Was really touched by someone in church writing a check to the girl who donated her guitar to the church. Extreme generosity in action. Wait for the podcast and vidcast of the series.

– went home to do some little decorating with wifey. Christmas is around the corner.


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