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November 07, 2010

sunday rewind

– glad to be home. Glad to be so near the church. Really tired.

– preachers must have a cheat day everytime they preach. Eat all you want but I can’t since the past 31 years has been like cheating years.

– still on the road to living healthy and losing weight.

– glad to have Ganns organize the team 45 minutes before service to do a run through. I think it helps the volunteer to know what we are doing for the day.

– worship was awesome. Joy Bautista rocks!!!

– Boni de Jesus’ testimony is enough to make my day.

– preached on OVERFLOW: God as the Father. Really have fun preaching and preparing the message.

– full packed. Remember November 21 – our services would be 230pm, 430pm and 630pm@ Music Museum

– a girl approached me after and gave her guitar that she dearly loves to the church. Overflow is coming!!! Watch out for it