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July 30, 2011

Starting the Big Move to VMALL

I’ve been holding back for the longest time on updating everyone about the BIG MOVE in Greenhills. Since our birth as a church last November 2007, we have been praying for a place to house Victory Greenhills. We have been a porta-church for almost 4 years now and the challenge of maintaining it is getting quite daunting and expensive.

After almost a year of prayer and negotiations – we are finally starting the BIG MOVE!!! Yes!!! Victory Greenhills is moving to a new facility that could house us every day of the week. We were able to secure a 1200 sq-m facility at VMALL that would bring our 3 separate offices in one place. That means no more 10 minute travels to KIDS CHURCH, no more 10 minutes travel to our office, that means no more hard, long flights of stairs to worship and that means more accessibility for our people. It also means a morning service for those clamoring to have one!!!

Our rally cry as a team when we started this year was EXPANSION. Faith to believe in God to make the church grow not just in size, location but also in our love for Jesus and in making disciples. We are seeing its effects today.

Meeting with our building team and talking about technical stuffs that made me dizzy!!!! Our architects meanwhile are having fun discussing the designs of the building.

An 800 seating capacity worship hall to house our worship services.

An inviting lobby with elevators to cater to the senior citizens wanting to attend church.

Pray with us as we move to our bigger place!!! Excited to see what God is doing. Check out our website, click here



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