August 15, 2012

Start, Continue and Finish with Christ

As Christians we have to remember how we became one. We started because we realized we are sinners of the worst kind, we were needy and dependent. That is how we started. That is how we met Christ and how Christ met us. As we continue to live in Christ, we must continue with the same attitude – I am needy, helpless and dependent in living this life without Christ. And this is how we should finish. Till the day I die, I will be needing Christ. He is all that I need.

 If we would be sanctified, our course is clear and plain— we must begin with Christ. We must go to Him as sinners, with no plea but that of utter need, and cast our souls on Him by faith, for peace and reconciliation with God. If we would grow in holiness and become more sanctified, we must continually go on as we began,, and be ever making fresh applications to Christ. – J.C. Ryle

quote taken from: http://monergism.com/thethreshold/articles/onsite/sanct_just_ryle.html



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