December 11, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now

It’s not even about finding something new; it’s more about recognition, about seeing things for the first time as they truly are. – Jonathan Martin

The Bible talks about us being new creations in Christ. Something happens when a person receives Jesus in his life. The Bible said – that the old has gone and the new has come.

It is what we call regeneration. It is making all things new. Seeing things for the first time not in the lenses of the world – but with the lenses of God’s grace and mercy.

I remember growing up being wired for success. I needed to succeed. My family were successful. My dad was  a self-made man as how the world would describe people who against all odds face trials on his own and made it.

So I thought I could do the same thing. I can be a success just like my dad and the successful people around me.

Then Jesus came.

He broke my mindset by changing my heart and my mind. My ambition was surrendered to Him. Not that it’s a sin to be ambitious but rather the motive behind our dreams and aspiration changes when we can see things more clearly.

They say death can make us see things more clearly. Not exactly true.

I have seen people in their death bed still holding the grudges that made them sick.

I have seen successful people dying still thinking about the wealth he has amassed and still think that wealth would make him well and happy.

Jesus came.

Jesus is the one who makes us see things differently. Jesus taught his disciples to be careful about the love of money or putting your wealth in riches.

Jesus is the one who said, “If you come to me, you will never be thirsty again.”

Jesus us the one who declared, ” I am the bread of life, if anyone comes to me, he will never be hungry again.”

When we walk with Jesus, we see the important things in life. We focus on what is eternal rather than what is temporal. Jesus is not some last-minute medicine to soothe my feelings when I need Him to – Jesus is life.

When we see Jesus is life – money, business, success, fame, prestige – all fails in comparison. He satisfies us like no other man or achievements can.