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January 31, 2011

San Juan City Mayor declares Jesus is Lord over the city

Last week was very monumental for the city. The APOI ( Association of Pastors for Outreach and Intercession), a group of San Juan pastors, I am very honored to be in with the cooperation of San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez and Vice Mayor Francis Zamora, had a BIBLE planted at the heart of the new city hall in San Juan.

The act of making the Bible as the foundation of her leadership in the city signifies that God is really the God of the city in San Juan. The Bible was encapsulated in a stainless steel container that would be open 25 years after it is planted. That means the time I reach 56 years old, it would once again be opened and to be declared again that God still rules in San Juan. Picture below with pastor Tito and Larry as we carry the monumental Bible Capsule Container.

Mayor Gomez recited the covenant between the churches of San Juan and the city. In that covenant, we are declaring our partnership to rule the city with utmost respect to God and let God’s righteousness and peace reign over the city.

We want to honor Mayor Gomez for her love for the city and for her devotion to God. We believe San Juan city is entering into a season of God’s favor and blessing. I would also like to acknowledge city councilor Warren Villa for paving the way for this to happen in the city. We need more godly men in civil service.

Here is a video recap of the historic moment:


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