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October 21, 2010

Revival Meetings

Organizations don’t fail because the Web and the New Marketing don’t work. They fail because the Web and the New Marketing work only when applied to the right organization – Seth Godin

Many people fail to see that trends in church are effective only on churches that have the right structure and systems in place. When it comes to the church world – many people think that structures and systems are not of God. This kind of mindset – limits the work of Christ and the Spirit in His church. We often feel that to move in the spirit means to not think, not organize and that the Holy Spirit would be responsible to set the stage for His visitation. How many churches have we seen that crumbled when revival came because they were not able to contain the growth that God brought to their church.

Revival Meetings

Most often we hear of churches planning for a revival night and a revival meeting. It seems they have the Spirit of God scheduled to come and visit them. They pray really hard for the event to succeed. Then the day comes – people are saved, vounteers are pumped, God is moving – at least for the night. The church grows for about 3 hours and then they return to their normal Sundays. What happened?

It is like how most couples are. They plan their wedding day for months but they never got to planning their marriage. Churches love to plan for big events but they never discuss structures and systems. If we want growth to happens – it takes more than a revival meeting.


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