July 15, 2012

Restoring Broken Things

In his book Restoring Broken Things: What Happens When We Catch a Vision of the New World Jesus Is Creating, Steven Curtis Chapman and Scotty Smith wrote:

I guess we should call this gospel brokenness, because only the gospel of God’s grace can enable us to be completely honest about our stuff wihtout falling into toxic shame or self-contempt. And only the gospel can humble us, soften us, and give us the power to repent -or, at least, not run away or rant. When followers of Jesus walk openly in this kind of brokenness – gospel brokenness- angels in heaven rejoice, and people without faith or those with much cynicism about Christians, are likely to reconsider who Jesus is.

Source: Steven Curtis Chapman and Scotty Smith, “Restoring Broken Things”, Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007, 66