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August 17, 2011

Responding to Critics

Hi pastor Dennis 🙂 How will you respond to Christians from other churches who give negative comments to our church?

Well you should always ask in light of the gospel, how should I respond?

Anytime there is a comment (positive or negative), get the heart of what they are saying. Most of the time you would learn a thing or two. The great thing about the gospel is that when someone gives a comment I don’t need to take it personally because I don’t work for them but for the Lord but since we work for the Lord we get feedbacks to improve on how we run our services.

Secondly, ask where the comment is coming from. I try to look for the source – who made a comment? Do they understand the culture you are building in your church or are they just commenting because it does not fit their preference. Be secure in your home church. You don’t need to defend Victory. If they don’t find Victory to their preference, there are other churches out there where there style might fit in. In short, we need to be secure to where God calls us.

Thirdly, in terms of critiquing the church I usually ask new people who are not Christians to critic the services. I want to continually connect to people who are new in church or the unchurch. I have received many criticisms and negative comments on how the church program is being run or how the message is delivered. I try to deliberately create a church that would be warmth for both believers and those who are checking God out.

Hope my answers help.


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