on church planting

November 15, 2010

reality in the trenches

I love reading books that equips me to be a better pastor and church leader. I love talks and seminars that has helped shape who I am as a person. I love theological books that makes me grow deeper in my appreciation of scripture. I have had a lot of encounter with books that tells us how to run a church, how to preach the right way, how to’s on church planting and management.

But one thing that is very crucial when we read or learn from people. We have to ask them in what context are they teaching what they are teaching? Are these writers working and experiencing the work in the field or are they professors and researchers who have no experience working in the trenches. Not that you can’t learn anything from them but there might be something that you need to weigh in as you learn from the Christian authors, educators and seminarians. Some are good on paper but would be really impossible to apply week in and week out if you are in the trenches doing ministry.

Pastors we should be responsible to filter. I love learning from pastors who are working in the trenches are doing a great job in their field. It is a tricky discipline but something that is essential for every pastor to have.


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