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November 14, 2011

Reached out but Left out in Church……

Pastor, I’ve been reached out when I was still in Grade School. Now, I feel like out of place in church. My feeling is that because I have been reached out to, nobody cares about me anymore. Parang stock nalang ako sa church…..

Well, let us first break one of the myths when it comes to church. Being out of place in church after attending the church for a long time is not because the people are unfriendly but because of the lack of effort on your part to reach out.

We have become consumer Christians where we feel that the church is where therapy happens. I feel alone – I hope my church friends cheer me up. And when they fail to do so, we get sad or mad as if it is the role of the church to make you happy. Consumer Christians go to church expecting to be entertained, motivated, and showered with so much attention that only Christ can give.

If you have been reached out and experienced the supernatural love and abounding grace of God you cannot help but reach out to others rather than expecting others to reach out to you. Being friendless and out of place is your choice and decision.

Nothing personal since I do not know you naman but we have to stop looking at ourselves and start to focus on what Christ did and share this to others. If you feel that people in church don’t care, be the catalyst. Move in love. Reach out to others who you think might feel the same way. You will be surprised to see that it is indeed better to give than to receive. It is in giving that we receive.