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November 22, 2010

Raissa Laurel’s shares her story @ Victory Greenhills

Can’t imagine it has been 3 years since we planted the church in Greenhills, a church in the Philippines. To mark off our 3rd year – we started our 3rd Sunday service.

– to all our volunteers who doubled and tripled up thank you.

– to our worship team who played in all 3 services, you are awesome.

– to all our tech volunteers – best people to work with

– to our ushers – thank you so much. The church has been so busy lately and thank you for your commitment to make it happen.

– surprise to see so many people in church. 230pm was 70% full, 430pm was 80% full and 630pm was 80% full. Pretty exciting for what God is doing in the church.

– really praying for the church to be an influence in the city.

– Raissa Laurel graced our 630pm service and shared her story. She got a standing ovation before she even spoke and God got the glory after she spoke.

– preached on the seed principle and enjoyed the showering of corn seeds all around the worship hall. Thanks Pastor Jayson for being a great sport.

– next week is bless others Sunday. Praying that the church would start moving in extreme generosity.


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