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December 17, 2011

Pastor D’s letter to Victory Greenhills

Tomorrow is a day we celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness to us for the past 4 years. Who would have thought we would be where we are today? An 800 seating worship hall at the very heart of Greenhills. A state of the art facilities, great sound system and top of the line architectural design. As I was camping the past two days in our new center, my heart is filled with excitement and joy on what God is doing and about to do in our midst. It brought back so many memories of our growing pains the past 4 years.

– we existed with no office for the first 10 months.

– we literally hauled on and off all our equipments

– our kids church was kicked out off Mcdo two days prior to Sunday and we have to scramble for a place and this happened quite often.

– the aircon in Music Museum is malfunctioning and the best times it did was during the heat of summer.

– transporting our kids from Music Museum to Promenade.

– lack of volunteers and some of our people had to triple up for months.

– lack of singers and musicians.

In spite of all this, God was there and we experienced IT. I don’t know what IT is but we knew IT was there. The presence, the anointing, the hunger for more of God, the passion to volunteer, the vision for the city and the nation, the generosity.

Sometimes it seems things were not going as planned but God shows up. I’ve prayed to God that the spirit remains in our church and grow even more. That we would not need to depend on the latest stuff or a more fancy place. That we won’t lose our freshness and rawness when it comes to worshiping God and making disciples. That we won’t think a better facility means more of God. It boils down to our hearts.

We have been grounded by the gospel. We know that Christ did everything for us. We as a church have nothing to prove. We just go where God leads us. We know it is the anointing of God that produces results and not our works. We rely only upon His grace.


“Lord thank you very much for the privilege for partnering with us as a church. You deserve all honor, glory and praise. Apart from Christ we are nothing. Apart from Christ, we can never be the church. I pray that God you increase. All of you Jesus and none of us. Amen.”

CS LEWIS: “The perfect church service would be one were almost unaware of. Our attention would have been on God.”