on discipleship

June 25, 2012

One Move and One Message

The one move we have committed ourselves to mastering is this: A SIMPLE, BIBLICAL, TRANSFERABLE DISCIPLESHIP PROCESS. – Steve Murrell

I think this is the reason why we have continually empowered disciples. It is not because of the church fads or the latest church program that promises growth. I have learned after all these years studying systems and structures and discipleship processes that the key is to have a simple, biblical and transferable discipleship process.

Why make discipleship complicated when God called simple men to make disciples. We have only but one message: THE GOSPEL and only one way that God told us to spread it DISCIPLESHIP. Stick to what God has commanded us to do and be faithful doing it.

Spare a lot of troubles and meetings trying to make your church grow. Master what the Master commissioned us to do – Make Disciples.