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November 26, 2010


Something big is brewing in Victory churches nationwide. Excited for what God has in store for all of our churches. There is great joy everytime I hear of how God is moving in different cities in Metro Manila that are being pastored by good friends. This blog is a shout out to what God is doing and to the MEN leading God’s church to greater glory.

City of Mandaluyong

Our church in Victory Pioneer is exploding. Pioneer was planted one week earlier than our church in Greenhills but what has been happening there is phenomenal. My good friend and mentor Pastor Robert Hern has steered the church into action. I have learned a lot from Pastor Robert and watching him lead the church is like a rookie watching the real pros how to do it. Pastor Robert, really happy for you.

City of Makati

The youngest Victory church in Metro Manila is Victory Makati. Pastor/Actor LA Mumar is leading a pack of passionate young men and women, singles and business people in discipling the city of Makati. La and the Makati team has now grown by over 300 to 400% since their inception this year. Awesomeness!!!!

City of Novaliches

Victory Novaliches is booming. Pastor Richard Lee and his team has been doing a heck of a job honoring God and making disciples. They have recently broke the 1000 mark under the young leaderhsip of Richard. Excited to see what God is doing over at Novaliches!!!

City of Caloocan

Victory Caloocan is located in Victory Mall. What a way to relaunch the church!!! Caloocan has grown by leaps and bounds this year. The hardworking team of pastors and admins of Victory Ubelt and Caloocan has been doubling up their time and effort because the ahrvest continues to grow.

City of Pasig/Ortigas

The church where I originated – Victory Ortigas is packed. Too packed that they had to plant 2 churches – Pioneer and Victory MetroEast. Now that they have planted two churches in three years time – they STILL have no room for people to come. They will be starting a weekday service next year. Grabe kayo!!!

City of Marikina

Home of Victory Metroeast pastored by Pastor Marc. Pastor Marc has been an inspiration. They just moved to their new facility after being mobile for the past year. The Ondoy tragedy just made the church stronger.

City of Taguig

Victory Fort is also expanding not just in size but influence in every sphere of society. Amazing how God is bringing people into His kingdom. Pastor Paolo is doing a great job in leading this church.

We still have reports of growth in Malate, QC, Pasig, Alabang. And everytime I hear what God is doing I really am humbled because God has called the church to do just one thing – plant the seed – He makes it grow.

I rejoice with all my fellow pastors as they lead their respective churches. Challenges are still there and it will always be there but to know that though we have different congregations we are ONE CHURCH. What happens at Marikina has a direct effect on what happens at San Juan. What happens at the city of Makati is felt at Alabang.

I love this church – ONE CHURCH in many different locations. Church planting is awesome!!!

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