on discipleship

September 04, 2011

Not yet equipped

What if you know by yourself that you are not yet equipped to lead a Victory Group yet you still continue to do it, is that okay?

It would be hard to answer this because I don’t know what you mean when you say you are not that equipped. I could still remember what Pastor Steve Murrell, president of Every Nation and the founder of Victory Philippines told the church early on that I still use up until today to the people I am discipling.


If the one you are discipling is still in chapter one and you are in chapter 2 – then go ahead and make disciples. I think all of us will never be really equipped. My encouragement is to always have an attitude of a learner. How do I improve my bible skills, my relational skills, people skills and leadership skills. Be a hungry learner and genuinely love the people you are discipling.

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