New Moon Insights


Just watched New Moon last night with my wife. Not as good as the first one but I did learn some lessons from the movie. Here new-moon-poster-new-moon-movie-3014220-400-600are some of my insights

– Bella is in need of some serious psych help. The hallucinations, the attraction to vamps and wolves is not coincidential. Reminds me of a lot fo women who falls for men who are vamps and wolves in character.

– Promises from people are never guarantees you can hold on to. The reason for this is man’s limitation (or for their case, vamps and wolves limitations) Only hold on to the promises of God

When Bella bump her head and blood was dripping, Jacob takes off his shirt and shows the world his 12 pack and wipes Bella’s face. I will one day try that to my wife in case something similar happens. This morning I looked at my 6 pack hiding beneath the fats and uttered, ” What a thing of beauty”

– My wife said that some of my body parts resembled Jacobs. She said – my excessive leg hair.

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