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January 12, 2011

more stories from the fast

Lysa’s Breakthrough

Ever since I joined Victory and surrendered my life to Jesus,I looked forward to Prayer and Fasting every single year. Something I never thought I will be looking forward for in this lifetime. But truly by God’s grace I am able to sustain and enjoy every moment of it. Let me share how God has been moving in our lives ever since we started fasting.

My husband and I have been trying to sell our car for the past 6 months,advertising it every single week on Bulletin today,Tsikot.com,Car finder…among many others.But still there were no serious or even ¬†interested buyers. We thought maybe this was going to be our car for a long,long time. But on the very first day of fasting,we finally sold the car. Praise God!!! But it didn’t stop there. On our 2nd day,we had another financial breakthrough. On the 3rd day, my back pain which i have been complaining about was gone. On the 4th and and 5th day,more breakthroughs.God is really on a roll! Awesome!!!

We only have 2 days left but we are expectant of greater things to come. Fasting is not ¬†all about answered prayers and breakthroughs but really it’s about putting our trust in God that he will never leave us nor forsake us,being faithful and holding on to Him. We started the year strong…let us claim that we will finish stronger!! To God be the Glory,Honor and Praise!


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