July 06, 2017

How to Know if Ministry Has Become your Idol

During our class today with Dr. Ed Stetzer, we discussed some principles we have learned from our reading of Eric Geiger’s book Designed to Lead. One of the things that got me thinking and actually hit me was the part where we discussed ministry idolatry. It was a good heart check for me today whether I am prioritizing ministry more than my relationship with Jesus. Here are five questions to ask to discern if we have ministry idolatry:

How much of my contentment is connected to the tide of my ministry influence?

Do my prayers reflect that I am more thankful for the salvation God has provided for me or for the ministry he has given me?

If I had to choose, which would I prefer: a closer walk with Jesus or a more “effective ministry”?

If my ministry were suddenly taken from me, would I still rejoice that my sins are forgiven?

Do I seek God only for his blessing and direction or do I also seek God simply for him?

Something to think about and ponder today as we reflect where we are in our relationship with God and our attitude towards ministry.

My classmate Pastor Paolo Punzalan blogged about it also here



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