on discipleship

February 20, 2012

Meeting vs Making Disciples

There is a whole lot of difference between meeting disciples and MAKING DISCIPLES. So many of us tend to (including me) meet up with disciples. We meet up with them on a regular basis and miss the CHRIST’S GREATEST COMMISSION to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES.

You can meet up with your disciples every day of the week and not make disciples. The group can either end up as a scholarly bible study group or a care bears group hug group. It will eventually be inward focused and would ceased to make disciples because meeting disciples is comfortable and easier.

Contrast it with making disciples. A group that meets to make disciples encourages each other to go out and reach the world. It is outward focused but not neglecting the aspect of learning from each other. A group that makes disciples does not only end up with a change heart but others are also influenced because of the deep desire to go and make disciples.

As you meet with your groups this week, ask yourself – am I just meeting disciples or making disciples?



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