June 07, 2012

Letting Go of the Past

Worse than me being abuse for 12 years is carrying this abused into my future every single day through bitterness and unforgiveness. I have to let go for me. And as I let go for me, God has opened up the future  that He has for me. When I don’t learn to forgive and overcome then I won’t be doing and entrusted by God to do what I am doing.

I was abused for 12 years and nothing will change that. The blood of Jesus does not give you amnesia. My past happened. I have a life beyond my past but the truth is I’m forty five (45). So actually I haven’t been abused for thirty three (33) years so I haven’t been abused a whole lot longer than I was abused so why would I allow the enemy to have anymore of my time, why would I allow that to happen. Why should my husband pay for something he never did to me?

Jesus died to heal me and make me whole. It is so much easier to remain a victim but Jesus said move on. It’s time to move out of your past and step in to the freedom I have for you. I have called you out to take you in for freedom. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Christine Caine is an active member of A21campaign – fighting for justice for those who were victimized by sexual traffickers.