on discipleship

June 22, 2012

Lead to Leave

Reading Pastor Steve Murrell’s WikiChurch: Making discipleship engaging, empowering, and viral and will be blogging some key lessons from the book. it is refreshing to re-read this book again as a pastor and church planter. Sometimes you just need the push to refocus your energies on things that matter in church: DISCIPLESHIP.

One of the key leadership and discipleship principle I learned from this book is the quote given by Ms. Deborah Murrell:

” From the very beginning it was never about creating a position or a ministry for ourselves. We were always leading with the idea of leaving.”

As church leaders, we have to understand that this ministry is entrusted to us. We don’t own the church or we are not the owner of the people we disciple. We are just stewards. The question is how faithful are we in stewarding the people God has given us.