leadership challenges

As promised here are some leadership challenges I have to face as we planted the church in Greenhills.

1. DECISION MAKING – it takes more than wisdom and gut feel to make decisions in behalf of the church. It takes a lot of courage and great timing. A lot of times I felt like not wanting to make a decision. it was too big for me but nobody else is going to do it because I was the one tasked to make the decisions. Sometimes, I try to give the decision making to my team, but it would usually end up with me again.

Here is what I learned. As the senior pastor, MAKE the DECISION whether it is popular or unpopular. Never make the mistake of not making a decision. Because no decision is a decision as well. Decision making makes us trust God. It stretches our faith and makes our spiritual ears keen to the voice of the Father.


Our church has survived the first 7 months with 2 full time staff, me and my administrator. How did that happened?

I am blessed with a dedicated team of volunteers, campus workers and pastors. Placing people in the right role to achieve the ultimate goal of honoring God and making disciples is very very challenging. I don’t know how many times I’ve changed the roles of our team in the past 7 months till we find the area of ministry they would excel and flourish. Thankfully, the whole team was patient with me during the process.


I’ve preached this often but practicing it is HARD!!! The church wants your time, your wife wants your time, my 2 daughters wants my time, I want my own time!

Stand by your schedule! Pastors, ministry is never ending. It would suck the life out of you if you let it take control over your schedule. Even Superman can’t save the world. Let Jesus do His part in saving and changing lives. Get a life! Date your wife! Go out and have fun! (I’m preaching to myself)


I’ve never thought creativity is hard work. It is a challenge we often face. It is easy not to be creative in your ministry. But God is a creative God and I have too often challenge myself to think outside the box to reach more lost people.

At the end of the day, it boils down to God’s grace. His grace is sufficient for you my dear pastor and church planter friends!

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