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April 22, 2010

I’ll pray about it

This might shock some of you but some things we don’t need to pray about. One of the lamest excuse Christians use today to escape responsibility is – “I’ll pray about it.”

When I courted my wife – I did pray about it.
When I was contemplating about planting a church – i prayed about it


when given a choice whether to do business with integrity or not – I don’t pray about it. I know the answer
when a friend asked if I could disciple him and if he could join my small group – I didn’t pray about it – I started one.
when tempted to whether to stay pure and holy – I need not pray about it – I run away from the temptation.

If the Scripture is clear about certain things – don’t pray about it.
If it is common sense – don’t pray about it.
If you just want to escape responsibility and accountability – don’t pray about it.


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