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June 05, 2015

Take Home from Ignite 2015

After coming from a ministry trip to Malaysia preaching in our Every Nation KL churches – I went straight for a 3 days Ignite conference that gathered 15000 young people from 36 different nations. It has been more than a week that I have been running on adrenaline and this conference injected me with some Holy Spirit caffeine that made me want to continue reaching out to the next generation in every nation.

I want to share some lessons I have gotten from the conference. i won’t be able to share all but here are some highlights:

1. I need to develop the Father heart of God as I lead and disciple.



Pastor Wayne Alcorn’s session reminded me of God’s amazing love and grace over me that in spite of my past and even present failures and sin – the Father is there to embrace me with His love and transform me with His grace.

2.  A world changer needs a power charger – the Holy Spirit.




Jackie said something in his session that hit me. So many Christians want the power of the Holy Spirit. We want to move in signs and wonders and miracles but if we are not going out and use those gifts from the Spirit- it is not only useless but also damaging to the church.

Pastoring for almost a decade now I have seen Christians become defocus with the signs and wonders that comes when the Holy Spirit is present. Instead of going out and changing the world – we have created ministries centered around gifts rather than on the mission of the church to go and make disciples. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are tools to advance the kingdom and is not to be used for our personal therapy.

The Holy Spirit raises people from death to life, Christians are empowered to move from strength to strength!

3.  Stop being cute Christians because the world is going to hell.


Faythe Santiago’s session was ARRRGH!!! I knew something shifted on the inside of the thousands of people listening. It was the Holy Spirit disturbing us to move beyond our comfort zone and move in compassion and love.

People who are loved by God can’t afford to just sit and do nothing. Discipleship is a serious business mandated to us by Jesus. We have to move in love to change our world.

When Faythe was preaching, I had a vision that moved me to tears. I saw my daughters preaching the gospel boldly to thousands of people. Faythe, your life is an inspiration for fathers like me to raise daughters who would love Jesus and do whatever it takes to preach the Word of God boldly.

Will continue part 2 tomorrow!

To listen to the podcast of the preachings go to: http://docampusministry.com/audio/