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May 27, 2011

Ignite Notes

7000 young people packed in Cuneta Astrodome (yes that includes me and my wife). Just the mere sight of thousands of young people already made my heart skip a beat. From the worship to the preaching of the Word, you can sense something big is happening in our nation. Here are some of my notes during the conference:

Session 1: Joseph Bonifacio

– Don’t Go because the task ahead is daunting. No ordinary person can change the world.

– the Superhero fascination. People have been trying to copy the superhero because there is an innate desire for us to be great and to be used for extraordinary purposes.

– We ain’t superheroes. Jesus is. Superheroes come in a position of strength. Christians come in a position of weakness.

” When I am weak, He is strong”

– Don’t go…… unless you have the power of the Spirit in you.

Personal note: I can’t minister apart from Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Session 2: Coach Robert Gonzales

– when ask to be the speaker: ” Why me?” but deep inside ” YES!!! A chance to share my passion for Jesus to this generation.

– Mahal ka ni Lord!!!! Am I making sense? Actually when we experience the love of God, it doesn’t make sense. Why would he die for sinners like us.

– I love the authenticity of Pastor Robert when he preaches. You see his heart.

– The illustration about experiencing and knowing using anchors away is a winner!!!

– if people could do that to a burger, why can’t we give our best to Jesus!!!

– thanks Robert for imparting passion to us. Nabuhayan ako!!!

You can download the messages here, click on the link