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May 29, 2011

Ignite Notes Day 3

Session 1: Paul Tanchi

– Paul Tanchi is a great example of doing work with all that you’ve got. Christians can’t be lazy. Christians need to put love in their work.

– our work is a reflection of our walk with God.

– how can we preach the gospel if we don’t have a story of redemption.

– Edrei did a great job of interviewing and saying his piece.

Session 2: Cesar ” Sarsiboy” Bordalba

– our 2nd speaker is the youth director of Lifebox Cebu.

– if there is one powerful take home from Cesar’s message it is this ” The Power is in the Message”. This hit me as a preacher. The power is not dependent on me or my mood. There is power in the Word of God. I just need to faithfully preach the word and let its power take effect in the life of the hearers. Same with making disciples. I need to trust the gospel to do its work in the hearts of the people.

– if we are compelled by the gospel, that only Jesus is our life jacket, can we really afford to see the world perish and live without Christ.

Session 3: Pastor Ferdie Cabiling

– give it your best. Whether a year, 2 years or more – it doesn’t matter I will live for the glory of God.

– God has called us to be apostolic young people.

– The impartation to make disciples was undeniable. Pastor Ferdie’s life and ministry is the message. There is always something that is awaken in me every time I hear Pastor Ferdie preaches.

– We are destined for the multitudes.

– Was praying with the students of different campuses the last night as God would take us to a new level of faith and His move in the campuses. I am excited to see what God is about to do in our city.

Podcasts of the sessions available here.