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March 01, 2011


Every year we make a call for people to renew their commitment to volunteer and serve the church through the various gifts God has given them. Last Sunday we saw hundreds of people sign up to volunteer for the church. It was an amazing sight to see people wanting to serve Jesus and love Jesus by serving the church.

Last year’s crop of volunteers has helped catapult the church to reach new heights. We have added 700 new people in church compared to last year and with the growth that God has given – we needed volunteers to help us achieve God’s vision for the city.

So who can serve?

1. Men can and should serve.

Whether you are a businessman, a career man, an entrepreneur, a student, a young person, a man is called to serve the church faithfully. Austin, 12 years old, serves in kids church and is part of the music ministry playing the drums.

2. Women should serve Jesus.

Noemi, leads our creative ministry team and does all the stage designs we have every week. She is fully supported by her husband Henry (man on the right). Noemi is a business woman and she serves Jesus faithfully.

Yet, is a home maker and a house wife. She has 2 sons and a brand new baby. She serves her husband, her family and the church. So whether you are in business or a house wife – you need to serve Jesus.

3. Everybody can serve Jesus.

Students can serve Jesus.

Carlo Ople, new media specialist and bloggers can serve Jesus.

So what are you waiting for – serve Jesus by serving His church.

Thank you to all our volunteers.


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