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November 28, 2011

I Honor Larry Uy

Larry is someone who has become not just a friend but a brother to me.

I honor my brother Larry for being a great and tireless worker. If you work with Larry you will be assured that he would give more than 100% of his efforts and what is required of him. In Larry, I have a kids church pastor, a daily operations guy and a human resource one man department. The kids in Greenhills are blessed to have you as their pastor. Bro, just want to tell you how much I appreciate how you carry the load of the church with me. I think every pastor needs to have a LARRY. Somebody who relieves you of some of the work needed to make the church grow.

I honor you Larry for being a brother. I think you have redefined friendship. I will be forever grateful for being a listening ear, a punching bag, an eating partner, an exercise partner. You have taught me to value relationships more. You have exemplify brotherly love. The love you have shown to my family super exceeds any expectations I have from a friend. Thank you bro and happy birthday bro!!!



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