August 12, 2012

Hyper Spiritual

All of us have encountered hyper-spiritual people. Some of them has freaked us out while for some of us we must admit we are hyper spiritual.

Hyper spirituality happens when we (usually implicitly) think that obedience to God and giving glory to God is about payback. We turn astonishment over the gospel into fuel for measuring up. We assume God requires a nearly monastic attention from us, a focus so self consciously rigorous it must understand the concept of freedom in Christ in ways that don’t sound much like freedom.

Being hyper spiritual could manifest in so many ways. From having a quota of people being discipled for Jesus, the number of bible chapters we read everday that if we fail to do makes us feel bad, from being ministry addicted.

The irony is that hyper spirituality desires and demands more holiness, more righteousness, but it will always fall eternally short of the righteousness accessed in the gospel of God’s free grace. So don’t stress yourself out, you will never be spiritual enough. Enjoy life and enjoy God’s grace. Sleep, play, take a walk, exercise and have fun with your friends. We have been set free. No need to hype your spirituality.

Thoughts taken from my readings on Gospel Wakefulness