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March 07, 2012

How to be on top of things and not micro-manage

As leaders and pastors, we want to be on top of things but we all know that there are SOOOOO many things we have to be on top of. So how do we manage and not lose time with our family and other important matters.


As much as you want to know everything, you cannot. Learn how to empower your other staff or leaders to head up some of the things you can delegate. Remember as you delegate and focus on things you really need to do then you energize and empower others to do stuff that energizes them.

In our local church, that person would be Pastor Larry – our kids church teacher and executive administrator. With my involvement in many meetings in a week, as much as I want to be in the office everyday, reality is I could only give 3 days of my 5 days in the office and sometimes even less. So I talked to Pastor Larry and delegated some of the things that I am supposed to be doing but cannot already.

Since our transition, our church administration and events have been running more smoothly than when I was handling it. I believe it was a great move. I just eliminated a major chunk of what I do and empower someone even better than me to handle it. Thanks Pastor Larry!!!

Another thing I have delegated is pastoral counseling. Even if I love counseling I think counseling doesn’t like me. I am not good when it comes to that. It is not my gift. Came Pastor Tito – our pastoral care ministry pastor. Tito is energized with helping people sort out their problems using the gospel. He is highly trained in both secular and biblical counseling. Once again Tito frees me up to meet with leaders, prepare my message and make disciples.

Now here is the fun part. It doesn’t mean you empower them that you leave it all to them. Take time to meet with your pastors and ministry heads and hear out their challenges and offer any help that they might need from you. Huddle with the people you have empowered and ask for a report on what has been happening even at least twice a month. Through the reports you get to be on top of things and not be so involved in everything.




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