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August 02, 2011

How do you view the Philippines if ever after the Divorce Bill has been passed?

Pastor Dennis, How do you view the Philippines if ever after the Divorce Bill has been passed?

With or without the divorce bill – I still believe that this nation has a great destiny and the way to see the destiny of this nation fulfilled is for the church to focus on providing a long term solution to the problems we are facing today.

The divorce bill ( which I totally don’t agree with and would definitely fight against with) is not the main issue. If the church exemplifies happily married couples and train and disciple the next generation to be godly husbands and wives – no bill can stop the kingdom of God from advancing.

We ask, what is the church doing to fight the divorce bill?

We can either rally in the streets and shout our protests!!! or excommunicate people who supports the bill and what would be the end result?

The bill would still have a high probability of getting passed and the people label the church as being legalistic and moralistic people who are insensitive to the issues of the nation.

I pray that the body of Christ in the Philippines would work hand in hand to disciple the nation. The most effective noise that we can make is to disciples the next generation leaders found in the campuses who in the future would draft the laws of the land. It is to spread the transforming message of the gospel and the grace of God that is readily available for all of us who have fallen short of God’s glory and standard. It is to tell the world what we are for and not what we are against.

We can’t be reactionary to the problems of the Philippines. We as Christians need a more pro-active plan to disciple the nation. It starts by reaching out to one person at a time.

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