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October 27, 2011

How do I Convert?

Hi Pastor Dennis! I am from a very rigid and strict Catholic family. I have attended po your service in Greenhills and I feel really inspired after each service. I am thinking of converting but I am sure my parents will oppose, how do you think I should tell them?

I think it goes back to the religion vs relationship discussion. What really matters in our walk with God is our relationship with Him.  At church, we are not after converting people. We have seen people declared that they have converted but their lives are still the same. As what I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, Catholics need to be born again, protestants, evangelicals, baptist needs to be born again.

Frankly, I feel that the word conversion carries a lot of baggage in it that is why most of our parents react. Rather than saying I want to be converted, you can actually show them how much God loves us through the Scripture and point them to Jesus and not Victory or any other church.

You can be in church forever and not become a Christian. It is not automatic that since you go to church- you are saved the same way not because you eat and work in MCDO you become a CHEESEBURGER.

Speak with your life. Show them how God has transformed you and you might even be surprised that one day they will go to church with you.

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