on church plantingdiscipleship

September 23, 2015


When you have nothing, everything is possible! I heard somebody said before that we need to focus on where are moving to , not from where we are moving from! We sometimes get stuck on our present situation that we lose hope of what the future holds.

We have seen great men come from nothing and become something not because they were better but because they never lose hope.


Hope is a life saver. When a lot of people quit, hope tells us to persevere.

When we are getting tired from working so hard and seeing no promotion – hope tells us that our day will come!

I remember when we planted the church in Greenhills and we were so scared that nobody will show up in our services. We rented a 600 hall and by faith offered two Sunday services. That means we needed at least 300 people to show up for the two time slots we were offering.

Guess what… we had 300 people showing up all in all! We couldn’t even fill the hall we rented but thank God for hope. We were just a bunch of former campus missionaries who were called to plant a church in a very influential city and we would do whatever it takes to make it happen. I could remember Bojo, who stood by me all this years and is now our Kids church pastor and Sheryn who did her college OJT in our church who sacrificed a lot to take the church to the next level of growth.

What kept some young crazy bunch to persevere. HOPE. Hope that one day what we would do would impact our city.

Now after 7 years, we have more than 300 leaders doing small groups in our city. 900 volunteers who help us every month to run the church and pastor the city.

Never lose hope whatever field you are in. If you know God called you for that specific thing, believe that God will deliver. Just always be open to change and never lose hope!