History Makers

chinkee tan

More and more am I convinced that God is cooking something of gigantic proportion in the Philippines. Just when we thought God was finished with our nation that His Spirit starts to awaken people and churches for His glory and purpose. For the past year, I have been hearing a lot of people talking about a movement called History Makers.

It was a movement started by Pastor Manny Santiago and his family. Pastor Manny has 4 daughters who caught the vision of the gospel and spreading the gospel through discipleship. So what started out as a church having a burden to see people getting saved and discipled – Pastor Manny and his family started helping other neighboring churches by training churches to make disciples.

During lunch, Pastor Manny recounts how he had a burden to help churches fulfill the Great Commission. When he started seeing churches growing, more and more pastors networked with other churches. Most of the growth came among the youth. Churches who were about to expire started getting on fire. The Holy Spirit is alive and well in the different churches as they embraced the message of the gospel and the Great Commission to make disciples.

One of the speakers was Shobe Santiago who is the youngest daughter of Pastor Manny. To tell you honestly, I have never seen a more powerful 18 year old girl speaking in front of 7000 people today. The anointing of God was upon her as she speaks about the campus as doors for the kingdom of God to come. I prayed that my daughters would have the same fire and intensity for the gospel!!!

Pastor Joseph Bonifacio, executive director of LIFEBOX preaching on the IMPLICATIONS of the GOSPEL.

Joseph shared about the three things we can fall into if we don’t understand live out the gospel. You need to buy or download the preaching if you want to know more about it but I would say that it is definitely life changing and disturbingly good.

Chinkee Tan also shared the promise covenant of God to every believer. He was so pumped up that after his talk you just want to go out and make disciples.

What was most enriching for me is to see how UNITY brings about a mighty move of God. When churches and pastors starts to come together in UNITY – God moves. And to see the next generation passionate for the things of God and discipleship – there is a great sense of hope and faith that my kids are in good hands. The future looks bright for the Philippines!!!

Thank you HISTORY MAKERS!!! Let us go and make disciples!!!!