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January 13, 2011

Highlights from the fast

Today is the last day of our 7 day of prayer and fasting and God has done some amazing things already in our church. Truly this year is the year of the Lord’s favor. Here are some highlights:

A 200% increase of people praying this year in our local church. For the past few years we have been doing our prayer meetings at our center in Promenade that could only seat 70 people. We would have 150 people cramped in two prayer meetings (7pm to 8pm and 815 to 915pm). We made a bold move of renting Teatrino and Music Museum. We asked the management to give us a ridiculous low rate for the next 7 days and we were really amazed that they allowed us to rent the place. Thank you Lord.

The city officials came to our prayer meeting

We invited the honorable mayor of the city Ms. Guia Gomez to join us for prayer but she had prior commitments so she asked the vice mayor and 6 city councilors to attend the prayer meeting. One of the things God has impressed in our hearts is to honor the city officials. The church partnered and gave some financial support to the city’s foundation Balikatan para sa Kaunlaran – a foundation that provides jobs for inmates and housewives and the marginalized in the city of San Juan.

A Wide Open Door at San Juan High School

We prayed for the campuses in San Juan Saturday night and God began moving in the hearts of the people who would provide a way for us to minister. I received a text Monday afternoon from a city councilor asking the church to help her initiate a youth mentoring program in San Juan high school. We have been praying for almost a year that in God’s time He will open the door for us in that campus. We met with the city councilor last Tuesday and she basically told us to hep her launch it in the city of San Juan. Imagine the city partnering with the church!!!! God is good!!!


San Juan will be celebrating Bible week in the next month and the highlight for this year is that the Association of San Juan pastors were given the task to read the Bible every Monday (not just during the Bible week) at the Municipality. The Mayor also will be setting up a Bible capsule that would be placed right smack at the City Hall. This is a significant move for the city acknowledging that the Bible and God is in charge of the city.

Miraculous Healing

God has called the church to move in the miraculous. Our God is a supernatural God and every night we asked God to heal people attending our prayer meetings. The first night we prayed we saw the healing power of God manifested in the lives of the people. Healing from muscle pains instantly gone, stomach disorders, asthma, allergies. We also moved out in faith believing God for healing over our brothers and sisters who have according to their doctors incurable diseases. We prayed for cancer patients, people with skeletal problems, heart problems, eye problems and heart problems. We cannot wait to hear more feedback of healing happening in our midst.


Promotions happened this week even when January was the most unlikely month to be promoted. A young man who we prayed for late last year because he has never closed a deal in real estate got his first sale this week. A car salesman who can’t sell his car for almost 6 months just sold the car. Deals are being closed left and right. The text from our phones continues to report about what God is doing financially among our members.

2011 is the year of the Lord’s favor. Let us move in audacious, radical faith as we see God do signs and wonders in our midst.

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