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September 04, 2012

Hello To Heaven: Interview with Acel Van Ommen

In this blog post, I interviewed Christian artist Acel Van Ommen on her upcoming concert this month and she also shared her views on the gospel and helping the underprivileged kids.

1. What inspired you to have the concert Hello to Heaven?

Jesus, Underprivileged children and Hope. Jesus said hello from heaven so that we can say hello TO heaven. He gave us the ability to bring heaven wherever we are, and to bring hope to the hopeless. My heart specifically beats for children who are underprivileged and neglected. I want to use my talents to share that heart and to share that truth that we are all called to love others–to bring heaven on earth.

 2. What made you decide to become a ‘Christian artist’ after a successful stint as a famous singer?

I didn’t plan to become a “Christian artist”..I guess, it just happened because my heart leans in singing songs that would magnify God and declare His goodness.

In 2004, I had a strong tugging in my spirit to leave my previous band even during the success of our 2nd album. I left the band without a clear reason from God why, but I just know that I had to leave. Though It hurt me to leave something that I love, I felt at peace with it. A peace that overpowered my sadness.

In 2007, I was given some projects as a solo artist to do some theme songs, and tracks from different tele novelas in a certain network, and so I went back to singing and writing songs again. I recorded my new songs and released my very first album as a solo artist in 2008 called Silver Lining.

In the last two years, most of my invitations are from different churches asking me to sing, speak and even lead worship in their conferences and services. Some churches would even ask me to speak to their worship teams about worship. And ever since I gave my life to the Lord, I cannot compare the joy I have when I sing praises to Him. I guess, this is what I’m wired to do 🙂 It’s a joy and a privilege.

3. How had the gospel affect how you write your songs?

It greatly affected my songwriting. My heart just wants to share that love I received from Jesus through my songs. I want to shout that there is hope. I want to inspire people to be who God wants them to be. I want people to know that they are loved. To show the facts, but then show what we can do or who we can be. I want to write songs that would empower everyone to make a difference in our world today. Songs that would speak truth. Songs that would speak life. I want to embrace and comfort people through songs.

 4. What would people expect from your Hello To Heaven concert?

The synergy of different worship leaders from different local churches and professional musicians/songwriters lifting up the name of Jesus; Songs that would remind us of how great our God is. I would also share what ‘hello to heaven’ means and what is our part in bringing God’s kingdom here on earth. The concert will be about the love of God and his compassion towards us. I’ll sing my songs “Hello to Heaven” and “Liliwanag” from my EP that I’ll release this September. Yeng and Barbie will share a bit of their “Hello from Heaven” experience and sing their singles.

5. This concert benefits the kids from Right Start, what is your reason in helping underprivileged children?

Four years ago, when I was carrying my new born Tashi to put him to sleep, I thought of the children that sleep on side walks. I felt a heavy burden in my heart towards them. Ever since then, when I see kids on the streets selling flowers or begging, my heart just cries out to do more than give them food or money. I believe that every child is precious in God’s eyes. They are a gift. I want them to enjoy being a kid. I want to help them, mold them and give them opportunities that would empower them to be creative and productive. I want them to know that they are loved and that they can be who God wants them to be. We are called to love others. We shouldn’t keep that love from ourselves. We have to give it away.


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