April 16, 2012

God will make a Way

From one of the members of Victory Greenhills, Camille Yambao

I was in awe this Sunday. God can really change the hearts of many. It also happened to my mom..

Last Holy Week kasi, she fret when she knew I was a Christian na. She felt kasi na I was more getting distant sa family kasi syempre malayo na nga ako,  and I’m super busy with work and iba pa religion ko. And she was thinking, naiimpluwensyahan ko yung sister ko na mapalayo din sa kanila, kasi my sister likes attending Victory too.

Then, I heard about the Youth Camp. I wanted to let my sister experience the spirit of God. My mom said NO, I had no choice… -_-

After that, a couple of days ago my sister told me that she was joining a Badminton training, which costs the same as the fee for the Youth Camp. My mom said, YES. I was shocked. I was like—— “WHUUUUUT???” >_

At the back of my mind, Why wouldn’t she let my sister join the Youth Camp? Isn’t it better if she will know more about God instead of learning how to hit a shuttle cock? kinda funny, but IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE. Anyway, sabi nga ni Ate Sally, “..in God’s time :)”——–> the way I heard it, it was like “..matagal tagal pa ( it will take time) :)”

So, just this Sunday. God’s message struck me. I got  an issue regarding something. tas un! Napaka sakto. Kasi kung anu yung naiisip ko, yun ung sinabi sa service. ( the preacher said what was running in my mind) Then afterwards, God touched the heart of my mom too. God told them not to worry. “God has plans for your children, learn to let go, you can’t control them. All you have to do is trust God and not worry..”

And then my mom decided to let my sister join the Youth Camp. The good news? It was the last day of payment, and she had a check and was able to pay for my sister’s youth camp. 🙂 ?

And I felt like this is the start. I know my mom and my dad is going to join me in Victory. I pray that they will be in the Word of God and they’ll be more hungry for God’s promises.

But it was IRONIC. During the service and worship I had a hard time controlling my TEARS!! :’) Grabe si Lord. :’) para akong naka HIGH. Yung HIGH na you feel that JOY in your heart. ?

Yun lang. Gusto ko lang i-share. God has His own timing talaga. Never too LATE, never too EARLY. ? Kaya tayo, we may only see and judge kung anu yung meron tayo at that period of time. But God has already planned it all out. Whew! galing lang, kahit we are sinners, God never ceased to let us feel that He is always be there for us. ? ? ?”