on discipleship

November 01, 2011

God Still Heals

I think it was one of the most powerful Sunday that I have ever experienced. From the moment worship started, you knew God was going to do something extraordinary.

The kids led worship. There is something when kids lead worship. It is raw, pure and unadulterated. I hope they could lead worship more often.

Our children’s church also performed. We are serious about building the church with the next generation.

The start of 2011, I felt like the Lord was calling the church to move in miraculous signs and wonders. We have seen how God has been moving supernaturally in our church. Since last week was our series break, we invited pastor and best selling author Pastor Hiram Pangilinan of Church so Blessed to impart to the church the message of healing that God has gifted upon His church.

The message was so simple yet powerful. God has anointed every believer to pray for the sick and that we must take authority over sicknesses and diseases. To activate the gift of healing, Pastor Hiram asked every sick person to stand. He then proceeded to tell the people to lay hands on the sick, command the sickness to leave the body and to check out if healing has occurred right then and there.

Three powerful truths I have learned as I saw God healed more than 500 people in our church. I am just guesstimating but I think we could have more than 700 people healed.

Lesson #1: God’s covenant of healing still stands.

We can debate the whole day whether God still heals or if it is God’s will to heal but I am taking my theological stand that God still heals today.

Lesson #2: When Pastor Hiram asked the people to pray, I saw how the spirit of humility that he was operating on was more powerful than any other healing that occurred that day.

The message was clear. The Holy Spirit that is at work in Pastor Hiram or in me is the same Holy Spirit that is at work within you. You don’t need somebody else to do the prayer for you. Step out in faith and see how God can use you.

Lesson #3: Empowering people is the best way to disciple people.

There was no long line of sick people wanting to be prayed over by the pastor after the service. There were quite a few who did not get the message and wanted to be touched by the pastor but majority got it. I don’t need Pastor Dennis or Pastor Hiram to pray for me. The brother sitting beside me in church could pray for me. Discipleship works that way. It is not always the pastor’s job. We as ministers equipped people to do the works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up.