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May 24, 2013

GDC 2013: Robert Coleman’s Masterplan of Evangelism Notes

imagesHere are my notes from Dr. Robert Coleman’s session on the Master Plan of Evangelism:

1. To become a servant, you must become selfless. A shepherd goes after the lost sheep. Being a shepherd requires a servant heart. Soul winners are first known as shepherds.

2. There is a process of selection in identifying people you want to disciple. Notice the receptive people around you and concentrate on a few serious learners. This point is so important because we tend to think we are super disciple makers. By carefully selecting the people we will disciple is a wise move because our time is also limited.

3. Win many by discipling the few.

4. The smaller the size of the group, the higher the learning. Personally, this hits home. There was a time I was leading 20 men in my group. I felt like I wasted so much time trying to disciple so many and seeing little fruit. When we trimmed down our group, we saw almost 100% productivity and healthier relationships in the group.

5. Bring the people you are discipling in your daily life.

6. Delegate the work of ministry and discipleship as you grow your disciples and then supervise their progress.

7. When it comes to discipleship, keep your focus on Christ. Develop the vision of the coming Kingdom. That also means don’t try building your own little kingdom.

By the way, Robert Coleman’s book Master Plan of Evangelism, The was very instrumental in my first few years of discipleship. It was a required reading in our church at Victory at that time. I am glad to come across the book and I think I have read it three times already and it always reminds me of the why and the principles of how to make disciples.




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