September 17, 2016

Five Ways We Save Money on Food

A lot of people eat their money. When you ask a person where he spends his money most of the time, the answer would be on FOOD.

For a lot of singles, they eat their savings away or should I say drink their financial future away with expensive coffee and dining out.

So let me give you five ways on how you can save thousands of pesos annually by following this simple rules on food:

1. Prepare your lunch when going to work.

When I was in college, I remember splitting half of my week preparing my meals at home than buying food in the school canteen. This practice helped me saved thousands of pesos monthly.

When we bring home prepared meals to the office- I can save thousands of pesos on a monthly basis so I could put the money somewhere like savings, investments or add it up to my monthly allowance.

2. Split your meals when you are out on a date.

This practice is a peso saver for Thammie and me. When we date, we usually order two sets of food which we can’t finish. What we do now is that we order one set meal and split it into two. We would then realized that we are full already sharing a meal than ordering two separate meals which would have leftovers after.

In instances where we still feel hungry, we buy a dessert that we also share.

3. Quit drinking soda or juice when you eat out.

My brother ran a restaurant business in the past and the number one money making department is the beverage department.

You don’t have to be a math genius to know. A one-liter sachet of your favorite ice tea in the grocery would cost you p25. But when you order a glass of ice tea in a restaurant- cost of ice tea triples in value.

Aside from savings, it is also a healthier alternative just to drink water.

4. Go green and eliminate process food.

We have almost eliminated process food in our home. We are not the vegetarian hardcore, but we have decided to go healthy by buying more green leafy vegetables than buy most of our food in the grocery. The price in the marketplace is way lower than the prices of unhealthy processed food in the supermarket.

Again for health reasons, eating green would minimize sickness thus also reducing hospital bills for future health-related disease.

5. Discount coupons and deal grocers are golden.

I cannot thank Metrodeal.com for all the savings I’ve experienced. With a wife and four kids, it is not a joke to eat out. So on occasion that we do eat out- a 40% to 50% discount is huge for us.

But do remind yourself when the expiration of the deals is.

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