on church planting

July 18, 2012

False Energy

What are some things that we try to say we do as a church that we don’t actually do? I think this is a question every church planter and pastor needs to ask especially after working for a year in church.

I have visited so many churches in the past that had their vision and mission statement in view for everyone to see. The question that keeps popping in my mind is “Does anybody really run with the mission and vision statement of the church?”

They can’t be decorations or banners to make our church look busy. It must be something that we live for as a church.

In church, we have simplified our vision: TO HONOR GOD AND MAKE DISCIPLES. This is where we exert all our efforts, where we put our budget, where we celebrate when we achieve the vision. This is what we preach week in and week out.

So after reading this, go back to your church – look at your vision and mission statement and ask yourself – is my effort and energy fulfilling the vision of the church? If not you can either start doing it or take out the decoration.