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January 14, 2013

Exchange the Why with the Who


Yesterday I preached on Acts 10 when Peter received a vision from God to eat the unclean animals. For 3x the vision appeared. It boggled Peter to be even asked to eat the unclean animal. The question was WHY?

But God was doing something. He was preparing the household of a Gentile Centurion to receive the gospel. This will be the first ever major gospel presentation to a Gentile crowd. Acts 10 was actually a very relevant chapter in church history.

Peter had to ponder on the meaning of the vision. He couldn’t understand nor comprehend. Even when he was in Cornelius house, he didn’t have any clue why but Peter obeyed not because his WHY questions were answered but because of WHO made the command.

Whatever we are going through – it might be a career shift, a trial or a suffering, we tend to ask WHY GOD? Now asking why is not a sin – I think it is normal but to dwell on the why and not move on to ask WHO is actually very dangerous.

Mark Driscoll in his book Who Do You Think You Are?: Finding Your True Identity in Christ writes,

We are prone to ask God why, which is dangerous because it puts us in a judge’s chair and puts God on trial. The Why seeks answers while the WHO seeks God himself.

When life gives us something we cannot understand, rather than asking why, we need to exchange it with WHO is God.

God is loving, kind, merciful, benevolent, generous, merciful, wise, sovereign, powerful, in control. This is who God is and I need to rest on that even if I don’t know why.

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