on discipleship

June 25, 2013

Don’t Carry the Ministry Load Alone

Deuteronomy 1:9-14 English Standard Version (ESV)

9 “At that time I said to you, ‘I am not able to bear you by myself. 10 The Lord your God has multiplied you, and behold, you are today as numerous as the stars of heaven. 11 May theLord, the God of your fathers, make you a thousand times as many as you are and bless you,as he has promised you! 12 How can I bear by myself the weight and burden of you and your strife? 13 Choose for your tribes wise, understanding, and experienced men, and I will appoint them as your heads.’ 14 And you answered me, ‘The thing that you have spoken is good for us to do.’

I thank God that Moses acknowledged that he cannot bear the burden of leading alone. Leaders we must understand that God designed teams for leadership. No man can carry the burden alone. When ministry is done right, and multiplication happens, there must be a system in place.

That is where discipleship comes in. Discipleship should happen in every aspect of ministry. The worship leaders needs to raise up other worship leaders, preachers should raise other preachers, small group leaders needs to identify and empower their members to make disciples.

Choose wise, understanding and experienced men and empower them to lead.