on discipleship

March 21, 2013

Discipleship Happens

when we are intentional about it. Churches are called to make disciples. It is the hard part. It is the dirty part of the job. Running services are the easiest. Making disciples is the hardest.

Why? Because discipleship is relationship. It is not a program. It takes time. But once you master only one move as a church (discipleship), you would see the effects of it in your church.

In Victory Greenhills, we decided to celebrate discipleship by making our Wednesday our discipleship day. This does not mean discipleship only happens on that day but that we highlight discipleship every Wednesday by giving our people a venue to make disciples.


Since our shift to discipleship day – we have seen tremendous growth in our church – numbers and leaders. The reason being is that we believe that the best way for the gospel to spread is through discipleship.